Helpful Reminders and Notices for Visiting Neah Bay

The Makah Tribe is a separate sovereign. We have a Treaty that confirms our sovereignty and self-determination. Please respect the culture of the Makah Tribe and limit your activities to designated visitor facilities, tribal regulations, and observe our laws.

Marijuana is Not Legal Here

The Makah Tribe is a separate sovereign. We have a Treaty that confirms our sovereignty and self-determination. A big part of that sovereignty is that state laws do not apply to the Tribe and its territory. As a state law, I-502 could not and does not legalize marijuana within the Makah Reservation.

Like Makah law, federal law lists marijuana as a controlled substance and possessing, using, buying and selling it is a federal crime. On the Makah Reservation, every little bit of pot is illegal. Wherever, whenever, however.

No Beachcombing

The ocean shore provides endless opportunities for discovery and investigation, which makes beachcombing very tempting. Resolution No. of the 26-65 of the Makah Tribe prohibits beachcombing and the gathering of drift material on the shores of the Makah Indian Reservation by persons other than members of the Makah Tribe and their families.

It is traditional that drift materials cast upon the shores of the Makah Indian Reservation are property of the Makah Tribe. Any person or persons found disobeying this act may be excluded from the Makah Indian Reservation.

Drone and Film Policy

Use of Drones on the Makah Reservation

Under development. Please return to this page shortly and we’ll have our drone policy in place.

Film & Photography Requests

The Makah Tribe requires a Location Agreement for film and photography projects on the Makah Reservation, including, but not limited to commercials, television shows, independent films, documentaries and photographs for print publications. Film and photographs for personal use are not included in this requirement. 

Please contact us by email for more information. Email:

Media Requests

Media Requests may be submitted to the Makah Tribal Council using the form linked here.

Media correspondence may be sent to:

Recreation Permit Required

Don’t forget to purchase a recreation permit. Permits are required for recreational activities such as camping or when visiting trails or beaches. Currently, the pass is $20 per vehicle and is valid for the calendar year. More info: