The Makah Tribal Council of the Makah Reservation 

The Makah Tribal Council is the elected governing body of the Makah Tribe on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, Washington.  Neah Bay is the central village of the Makah Reservation. The Makah Reservation is located on a portion of the Tribe’s original tribal land as a result of a U.S. Treaty ratified in 1859. Elections for Tribal Council are held annually and each elected council member serves a staggered three year term.  The Makah Council operates under the Constitution and Bylaws of the Makah Indian Tribe dated May 16, 1936.

The tribal government  is comprised of employees and a managerial level staff of program directors and managers under a general manager.  Each program director reports directly to the General Manager, who manages the tribal government’s daily administration.

Makah Tribal Council

The key strategic issues for the Tribal Council are: Infrastructure, Education, Treaty Protection, Wellness, Economic Development, and the Environment.

The Council Members (left to right):

  • Glenn Ellis Jr., Treasurer
  • W. Rufus Arnold, Council Member
  • Timothy J. Greene, Sr., Chairman
  • Marla Tolliver, Councilwoman
  • G. Chad Bowechop, Vice-Chairman

Contact Us: 360-645-2201

Office of the General Manager:

The Office of the General Manager is located at 100 Resort Drive and the mailing address is P.O. Box 115, Neah Bay, WA 98357.

  • Patty Manuel, General Manager: 360-645-3100
  • Leanne Ellis, Deputy General Manger: 360-645-3122
  • Rose Taylor, Senior Executive Assistant: 360-645-3103
  • April Tageant, Tribal Receptionist: 360-645-2201
  • Katherine Thompson, Administrative Assistant 360-645-3109

Program Directory:

Serving the five member Council of the Makah Tribe is the Makah Tribal Administration. The tribal government administers programs for the benefit of the Makah tribal members and Neah Bay. Learn more about each of these programs in our directory: