Makah Tribe

Request for Proposals

Hobuck Road Improvement Project

The Makah Tribe is soliciting bids for the Hobuck Road Improvement Project. The project plans and bidding documents are posted below (9 attachments). Bids will be received at the Finance Department located at 161 Resort Drive, Neah Bay, WA, 98357, until 5:00 p.m. on 7/18/2022. Contractor must comply with the Makah Employment and Contracting Rights Office Act(MECRA) administered by the Makah Employment & Contracting Rights Office.  For questions regarding MECRA contact Rose Jimmicum at

60335_Bid Docs S1-1 to 10 – Hobuck Road


Hobuck RD Addendum Number 1

Hobuck RD Addendum Number 2

Hobuck RD Addendum Number 3

Hobuck RD Addendum Number 4

Hobuck Rd Engineer’s Estimate

Hobuck Rd 100% Plan Set

Hobuck Rd Special Provisions



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