Makah Tribe
Makah Tribe

Tribal Court

Makah Tribal Court

The mission of the Makah Tribal Court is to fairly, impartially, and efficiently administer justice and interpret law within tribal jurisdiction in accordance with the Makah Tribal Constitution and Makah law, while protecting the health, safety and welfare of the community; honoring the unique traditional values of the Makah people; enhancing tribal sovereignty, and protecting personal liberties and civil rights while requiring responsible consequences for individual life choices.

The Makah Tribal Court provides judicial services in criminal, civil, juvenile delinquency and Minor-In-Need-Of-Care cases within the jurisdiction of the Makah Tribe.

Makah Law and Order Code

MLOC Title 1 – General Provisions

MLOC Title 2 – Criminal Actions

MLOC Title 3 – Civil Action

MLOC Title 4 – Rules of Court

MLOC Title 4A – Criminal Procedure Rules of Court

MLOC Title 4B – Civil Procedure Rules of Court

MLOC Title 5 – Criminal Code

MLOC Title 5A – Makah Sex Offender Registration Code

MLOC Title 5B – Sex Offenses Code

MLOC Title 6 – Juvenile Code

MLOC Title 7 – Traffic Code

MLOC Title 8 – Tribal Police Code

MLOC Title 9 – Exclusion

MLOC Title 10 – Weapons Control

MLOC Title 11 – Domestic Violence Code

MLOC Title 12 – Family Code

MLOC Title 13 – Eviction Code

Title 14 Communicable Disease Code

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