Makah Tribe
Makah Tribe

Makah Museum

We are very proud to show examples of our culture and heritage displayed at our renowned Tribal Museum ( The Makah Museum is part of the Makah Cultural & Research Center.

Makah Museum Exhibits

Enjoy the interpretative displays that describe our housing, tools and other implements from the past. We are fortunate that we can show off artifacts that were preserved in a summer village in Ozette over 300-500 years ago. The summer village was buried by a mudslide and part of the slide eroded to expose the long houses in the 1970’s. Archaeologists and our Tribal members were able recover thousands of items that were buried and preserved from long ago and these are displayed at the Makah Museum. Some of our heritage represented in the artifacts is still evident today in the daily activities of our members, especially on the water in canoes.

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