Makah Tribe

Hobuck Beach

Located on the Pacific Ocean on the west side of the Makah Reservation, Hobuck Beach offers walking, birding, surfing, camping, swimming, and much more. Find a place to sit among the driftwood washed up on the shore to enjoy the view as the sun sets. Consult the National Buoy Data Center for information on swells and the wind directions for surf conditions. There is ample parking with access to restroom facilities for day visitors. For those longer stays, you are welcome to make a reservation at the Hobuck Beach Resort.

A Makah Recreation Pass is required to park at the day use area.  Please check the Activities for information for location to purchase.

Hobuck Beach Events

Several events are hosted annually at Hobuck Beach including the Hobuck Hoedown and youth surf camps. The Hobuck Hoedown is a surf paddling festival with competitions, dinner, t-shirts and international participants. In contrast, the Photosynthesis Festival provides a cross section of underground artists from the Pacific Northwest, dancing, and workshops.

Directions to Hobuck Beach

Continue through town heading west along Bay View Avenue for 1 mile. Bay View Avenue becomes Cape Flattery Road if you follow the yellow lines on the pavement. The road will turn sharply left then after 0.1 miles turn sharply right once you get to the west side of the main downtown area. Follow the signs past the clinic for 0.1 miles and turn sharply left again and follow the road along the foot of Bahokus Peak. You will be on Cape Flattery Road. After 2.5 miles follow the signs and turn left on Hobuck Road across the Wa’atch River. At the first intersection after the bridge go straight to access the day parking or turn right to access Hobuck Beach Resort.

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